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Morisawa Fonts Overview

In order to get into the Asian market we must support CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) fonts. This includes installing Morisawa fonts (if licensed) and Downloading aftermarket CJK fonts.

Fonts are installed once after a package add. They are installed the first time the RIP is started after the package add. It does not reinstall with each RIP reset or SCS reboot. It works with the job queue full since start up pages are top queued over regular jobs. It will first be available in RIP release We only support 12 fonts (not using 5 or 2 fonts).

Japanese base 2 Morisawa fonts Japanese base 5 Morisawa fonts Japanese base 7 Morisawa fonts From the /ps/Resource/CIDFont directory

These show the fonts installed before (just Roman) and after (all fonts) installation. It is from the file /ps/HDi_font_list The other (just Morisawa) is the diffs between the two. This file is used so NCS can answer font queries correctly For a list of just Roman fonts Click here For a list of just Morisawa fonts Click here For a list of all fonts Click here

Morisawa Fonts Installation Flow Chart Apr 4, 2002

Morisawa Install Change Apr 8, 2002
The start up page is no longer printed before installing Morisawa fonts. The job name is changed from "Start Up Page" to "Install Fonts". Start up, Accounting, and trailer pages are now Morisawa enabled (can print with Morisawa fonts). The file mori_5.ps will no longer be delivered in the RIP package. This change starts in RIP release *note "Install Fonts" will be I18N but appear as INSTALL_FONT_LABEL util that happens

Morisawa Install Change Jan 22, 2002
A PR fix in camelot 05.09 allows multiple jobs in a file returning only one doc complete message when all jobs in a file are done. This cures what is typically known as a "false job". This breaks the Morisawa installation to some extent (until the fix in rel 05.15). Since there is no longer a "false job" The file mori_5.ps will print as a start up page. Morisawa fonts will not work until a manual RIP reset since the automatic Reset was based on "false job" detection.

Morisawa Install Flow Chart Apr 4, 2002
First camelot makes a call to LM (License Manager) in CCHInit() to ensure Morisawa Fonts are licensed. If not we will not install the fonts at startup. It changes the License ID at runtime to either a Morisawa enabled ID or non enabled depending on what LM returns. This ID is read only in PostScript's system dictionary.

The file /ps/HDi_font_list is created - it does not yet have the Morisawa fonts listed.

No longer done Apr 4, 2002 rel
The start page is printed.

We then check if the file /ps/psdisk.ps exists. If this file is not there the Morisawa fonts will not be installed. This is the file that that writes the Morisawa Fonts to our disk and does not produce any pages.

No longer needed Jan 22, 2002 rel 05.15
We then check if the file /ps/mori_5.ps exists. If this file is not there the Morisawa fonts will not be installed. The file is needed because of the multiple jobs in psdisk.ps. Without this file (or a file used here) the job appears to complete when it is still running.

The next check is if the file /ps/pgfsupp/Generic::HalfWidth_CSA exists. This is the last file loaded when installing Morisawa fonts. It was used in case (e.g. RIP is reset after some of the Morisawa fonts are loaded) of a partial Morisawa load - it will be able to install the fonts. If it is already there we don't reinstall the fonts. If it isn't we install the fonts by submitting the PostScript file There will be one "Install Fonts" job in the job queue.

No longer needed rel 05.15 and
If it isn't we install the fonts by submitting the 2 PostScript files above as start up pages. There will be 3 start up pages shown in the job queue.

The psdisk.ps file is about 50 Mbytes so there will be a delay before it appears as a "Install Fonts" job on screen while file is copied to the spool directory. This delay is roughly 15 seconds. It is treated like a start up page so no jobs can go before it.

No longer needed Jan 22, 2002 rel 05.15
It appears to processes fairly quickly (about 10 seconds) but this is due to multiple jobs in the file It returns an early doc complete, keeps running, and when finished the FALSE JOB detection code in camelot does not send another doc complete.

No pages will print. There will be backchannel messages while it is processing e.g. "Downloading Resource/CIDFont/GothicBBB-Medium" and the files in /ps will written.

No longer needed Jan 22, 2002 rel 05.15
The mori_5.ps is about 36Kbytes and copies quickly but appears to take a long time to process (due to psdisk.ps). It may appear to hang the RIP compared to the normal start up page This could take 2 minutes or longer to complete. This job will not print while installing Morisawa fonts due to multi-job psdisk.ps. If it is sent as a normal job e.g. bqp then it will print the installed Morisawa fonts.

If LM returned a true and we just install the Morisawa fonts and internal job ID for camelot = 7 (now 6 in rel

No longer needed Jan 22, 2002 rel 05.15
and the previous job did not send a DocComplete IPC message due to false job detection:

camelot will send SM (service manager) a error message TS_ERR_PS_MORISAWA to reset the RIP. When the RIP comes back up Morisaw fonts will work.

files and info

These show the directory /ps before psdir.orig and after installation. psdir.morisawa

prints all kinds of info about what is in VM fonts installed etc. pstuff.ps including fonts, license ID and serial number You can print it on the printer send out the backchannel or both Here is the backchannel output pstuffbc.txt from a bqp - must have spool off enabled and a %KDKSpool: off in the pstuff.ps file.

What prevents the unlicensed use of psdisk.ps?
Someone could for example bqp psdisk.ps to an system without the proper license. It will install the fonts on disk. However the fonts will not be able to be used unless the license ID in camelot matches the one encrypted in psdisk.ps. The file will print e.g. mori_5.ps but Courier will be substituted (see tiff files below). Do get backchannel messages e.g. (Ryumin-Light-83pv-RKSJ-H not found, using Courier.)

Special care was taken to use run time characters rather than strings to prevent finding the license string in camelot such as LN-079-008 and replacing it with a Morisawa enabled license with a binary editor on camelot.

These show the fonts with
and without the correct license ID

binary encoded PostScript same in both psdisk.ps
/LicenseID known{currentsystemparams/LicenseID get{dup(LN-001-009)eq{pop true exit}if dup(LN-001-014)eq{pop true exit}if dup(LN-001-017)eq{pop true exit}if

serial number
This unique serial number in sys dict for each printer based on hostid it is not needed until we are using a down loader for sending in aftermarket fonts

Orgin of psdisk.ps
copy of /rel/hdi/HDi_Japan/Morisawa_HJP from Takeshi Honda test files some with embedded and non-embedded fonts look at yellow sheet for notes (mori_5.ps is from here) Morisawa_HJP/

PDF test Files

These files from Mike Wu 9/27/01 both ok printing Morisawa.pdf and MorisawaFontList.pdf Note if you try and distill a ps file to get pdf and the fonts are not embedded it will substitute Courier.

mics. notes

1998 document all new CJK fonts will be in CID format this replaces old OCF (original composite format) commonly called type 0 CID CFF support starts in 3011

Can't use pass by ref job to high priority JM queue

Trying to run as unencapsulated job in camjobcontrolST.c instead of a startup page. Tried waiting after running for install to be complete by checking for the last file to be written in /ps but it never worked. Did get must run this job over binary communication channel so it did try and execute the PS. Now trying without the wait. It still never installs any files. It also goes to the next unencapsulated job right away. With psdisk.ps checks the comm channel and exits or the additional job in stream can't run possibly you can't run jobs of these types unencapsulated due to this reason. This message comes out the backchannel when printing "This download file must be sent over a binary comm channel."

Font Test Print Oct 04, 2001

Without Morisawa the fonts test print (AdobeFonts.ps) shows a column with the font name and then lower case (abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxy) printed in the font names font followed by uppercase in the same font. With Morisawa there will be many pages of fonts to print in the first column but not all variations will print in the second or third. For example all fonts ending in the string -V (for vertical fonts) will not print. Also (-H) (-0) (-1) (-2). It is possible to get some of these fonts to print e.g. change (abcd...) to (\202\203\204...) for some of the -H fonts. However the amount of work needed to do this and to ensure any string printed is not offensive is fairly large. Names starting with (DF0) wil not print. The font test prints (printed from the UI) should show the new fonts after installing Morisawa. It does not print all the new fonts in their own font

One font test page without Morisawa
One font test page with Morisawa

NEW Software License Key (via web)
obtain your hostid e.g. rocws01011% hostid 80a6b329
go to: http://rocms06.roc.us.heidelberg.com/projects/dhv/KeyRequest.nsf
Use your notes userid e.g. Edward Chapman and password (set in Hdi address book: internet password)
Check the 12 font option and deluxe-duplicator printer
enter password with this command rocws01011% scskey

Serial Number image Mar 11, 2003
The value for serial number (e.g. printed with pstuff.ps) is the value stored in eerom times the constant 1069928045 and converted to a signed 32 bit number. Before changes were made the number stored in eerom was random and may not have been unique. Now it is based on hostid or substitute hostid from the rip.pids file.
Here is an example calculation:
hostid times constant: 0x80a6b329 * 1069928045 = 0x200C6E1BE0B24675
convert to 32 bit signed number: 0xE0B24675
switch most significant bit if serial number is negative: 0x60B24675 = 1622296181

Feb 19, 2002 In releases prior to (PCT2) for non-Morisawa installs it was found that the serial number also changes with each RIP reset.

uninstalling Apr 5, 2002
A script file /hp/tools/scripts/MorisawaUninstall has been created to remove the files (and directories if empty) created when installing Morisawa Fonts. This script will be run by the preremove file when executing a pkgrm. It may also be run standalone. After running the fonts will be reinstalled on the next RIP reset. If you do not want them reinstalled you need to get a non Morisawa enabled license or rename the psdisk.ps file e.g. mv /ps/psdisk.ps /ps/psdisk.ps.orig . Typically the fonts are installed/removed by root.

LicenseID Mar 12, 2002
Up until now we use LN-013-010 for non-Morisawa and LN-079-013 for Morisawa. The LN-079-013 was chosen to match the directory name:
In releases and it is changed from LN-013-010 to LN-079-008. Then we would use LN-079-008 for non-Morisawa and LN-079-013 for Morisawa. You can see this by sending pstuff.ps

From asiasoft.com - aftermarket font security Mar 25, 2002
Most of the Adobe Morisawa Japanese PostScript fonts are encrypted or protected fonts. These fonts can only be installed on a single system or printer. If the hard disk on the system is reinitialized, you will not be able to reinstall the font. We include the following notice on all the Morisawa Adobe fonts that we offer: IMPORTANT: Morisawa fonts are copy protected. Please be aware that once these fonts have been installed to a computer (host) or to a printer (device) they can be reinstalled to the same host as many times as necessary as long as the hard disk for the host has not been reinitialized. If you have the downloadable (high or low resolution fonts) you can reinstall to a different hard drive as long as the printer is the same. The copy protection for the device is keyed to the Postscript ID of the device. Once installed, the fonts can not be uninstalled from the host or printer. Again, if you reinitialize the hard drive on the host you will not be able to reinstall the fonts. Please be very careful when you install these types of fonts. Make sure you are installing them on the host and device you intend to use them on. If you are upgrading to a new computer or have a hardware problem wherein the hard drive is replaced or reintialized, AsiaSoft offers replacement installers for a nominal charge. Please call our technical support department at 561-794-9233 for more information.


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