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##########	DFE tips	##########
-> OSIS is the name or procedure to load OS (used to be ghost)
   After OSIS load Acrobat (Jeff J.) before installing DFE
-> TCB card and back of I2P have heartbeat LED's
   to remove unlock X226 button on top of cabinet - stay grounded
-> If hangs when clicking "Start MMC" on Engine SIM - reboot I2P
-> condion sheets = diaper sheets (used to clean off toner)
-> typically NexPert is not on a stand-alone DFE
   but if you have it can use "start client" button on System Monitor
-> If changing media, hit close all drawers (3.2 and earlier)
-> user defined media is not saved between DFE installs
   you can manually copy the files to save
-> To save start up time del unused medias (only standalone DFE's)
   d:CDFE_CONFIG\InitialResources\mediatypes keep only StoraE*
-> can change set count after RIPPING but not after starts to print
-> Some IE proxy's e.g. nexproxy2 cause the Engine SIM I2P to
   get a URL not found error
-> When installing a DFE it changes your HomePage in IE to about blank
-> When un-installing a DFE click ignore if there are locked DLL's
-> not supporting classic in 3.3 (don't delete any code)
-> Click little people icon on UI Client so change what shows e.g. VDX job
-> NexStation System Monitor - shutdown NexStation Software Only
   NexStation Software and Server would include a system reboot
-> loading DFE - digital signature error just hit OK Mike S.
-> SDMS if like job accounting can be gathered remotely by NexPress [Damien]
-> some test files at: d:\CDFE_CONFIG\TestFiles\develop
-> zip files - copy to hot folder then you have to hit green button
-> JT EDit Jobmust be in e.g. stopped state (not Printing)
-> VDX multipe PDF files
   create new folder in d: called e.g. covertvdx, right click-sharing-add sharing
   (*note small hand appears under folder) cp pdf/vdx/ppml? files, send to desktop
   (creates shortcut), copy vdx file to default hot folder
-> JTE only reports whats in EngineSim e.g. InlineFinisher

->create new substrate
  Client UI - Administration - Resource Manager Tab - Substrate Catalog - New -
    Name: e.g Gloss_Substrate
    Format: 12x18
    Weight: 120 g/m2
    Catagory: Paper
    Type: glossy coated
    Press Settings - Yes( to recalculate) it does not always give this
		pop up e.g. 80g/m2 did not while 120 did
    Add press settings for glossing -
    In the Add press settings for glossing window hit OK -
    In the press settings window hit OK -
    In the Add substrate assistant window hit OK -
    In the Calibrate substrate assistant window hit Close -
    In the substrate list "Gloss_Substrate" should be displayed
    There should be no icon in the glossing column for this
->create new JT/VP to e.g. utilize new gloss substrate
  Client UI - Admin - Resource Manager Tab - Job Ticket Templates - New -
    Name: Gloss_Both_Sides
    Body/Insert/Cover: select Gloss_Substrate
    Clear Overcoat: Front Side and Back Side,
    select gloss coat for Body/Cover/Insert click OK in 2 popups
  Configuration Manager - new - name e.g.: _gloss_both_sides
    can disable "Use as Network Printer
    JT Template: Gloss_Both_Sides

  There will be a new folder in HotFolder created

->When glossing just a protective coat Using inverse algorthim like
  my invention disclosure in 1992? is put down and the glosser is
  really just a fuser (it does not add toner).

->To tell if a job requests a clear spot color in a pdf file open
  with Acrobat - advanced - separation preview - Spot Plate =
  NexPress DryInk Clear. If you have this and also ask for
  protective coat or gloss coat it will error in severe and warn
  the other 2 and it will print the overcoat and not the spot color.
  In my test job the spot color was used to print a clear watermark.

->A 4 color job means the 5th color in the JT = NONE
->A 5 color job means the 5th color in the JT != NONE

-> gloss coat or protective coat
  2100 can request a gloss coat or protective coat. If a gloss
  coat is requested it does use NexPress Clear dry Ink on
  the substrates and lowers the fusing temps for the offline glosser.
  That must have all the same media and be done on every front, back
  or both substrate. If a protective coat is requested it does
  not go to an offline device so you can have mixed substrates
  or done on some sheets but not others (that's why it's legal to
  protective coat with separator sheets).
  You could even have e.g. gloss on front and protective coat on back.

->check services --> right click my computer -> mange -> services and apps -> services
  can also from cmd window - net user (look for cdfe) net start (look for SYSMCLauncher)
  if it does not shutdowntry and end SYSMCLauncher
  Had problem DFE coming up no debugger service or SYSMCLauncher
  needed to change user cdfe pw to include a number and uppercase char
  this works but no longer need starting with 3.3 (build 060)
    net user cdfe pw= 5555pa$$wor$$ /add

->changing configuraion on EngineSim
  click Config
  change to e.g. NPP 4 Color
  system monitor - shutdown (do not just close windows)
  startup DFE stuff - note do NOT replay jobs send them again because e.g. it
  had already passed RCM and will not be sent again.
  *may have to reboot if fails

TBD# to change 5th color
->toner color e.g. green to clear (for gloss)
  Engine sim - change color - hit Install 5th Color
  (must have been a 5 color press on sim before starting system monitor)

EngineSim/Consumables/pick-color e.g. BLUE/Install Fifth Color

Not sure about above but on EngineSim-consumables change 5th color
and hit Install Fifth Color - the text but not graphic changes on UI/Press
unless you change UI-Press-Policies-Enable Fifth Color Station

->if uninstalling DFE and you leave any client DFE windows up it will
  hang so close windows and kill any javaw processes if there are any

-> 3.2 do not see 5th color on JT unless enginesim was set up
   get enginesim running before starting sysmonitor - start from
   server/tools/I2PEngineSim/run.exe start MMA - wait - connect

-> 3.4 if you geta hardware key (dongle) error - change the engine sim
   to 70 ppm

-> To print larger image too big for substrate
    change Trim Size Mode to e.g. A3
    change Page Policy to Scale To Fit

-> The Rainbow driver is available in Disk2\RainbowInstall of the
   installable. This only needs to be installed once per OSIS perhaps
   after the install of Adobe 7.0. This is just a warning and you can
   click it away without stopping the install. It needs to be installed

-> To run remote client just run client on my 226 and connect to that DFE
   instead of mine (may have to be same DFE version e.g. 3.5)

-> If system monitor hangs shutting down start killing all the processes
   and if may finish on it's own.

-> Adhesive = Lable substrate
-> X226 power button has detent bottom/center/right
-> during install if you get a popup asking for disk 3 just hit browse and
   replace the 2 with a 3 (a new ghost will fix this)

-> To change slugline fields: example to remove JobName ---
     *note code is in ImpoDataWriter.cpp
   go to CDFE_DATA\Resources\imposition-templates\
   search for NXP_JobInfo_Implicit.pdf
     *note there is a J_ version of this file for Japan
     *note This file is likely written over during installs or cleanup.bat
   edit the PDF file e.g. Enfocus Browser
   look for string "(<"
     *note when string is found it's equivalent to:
     "(<><><><> <> <

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