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This is to maintain notes about dbx and camelot
*note: delete all src when done
cp -p camelot /home/chapmane/ ; cp -p ../../../../../../../lib/libcodev.so /home/chapmane/

# need any new .o's .c's camelot and camelot.a every time they are updated
chmod 666 /home/chapmane/codev/*.c
cp -p *.o /home/chapmane/codev/
cp -p camelot.a /home/chapmane/codev/
cp -p *.c /home/chapmane/codev/
cd codev
cp -p *.c /home/chapmane/codev/
cp -p *.o /home/chapmane/codev/

# target system (as root)
cp -p /home/chapmane/camelot /hp/bin/ ; cp -p /home/chapmane/libcodev.so /hp/lib/ ; rehash ; SME
cd /home/chapmane/codev/
/opt/SUNWspro/bin/dbx -I/home/chapmane/codev /hp/bin/camelot ##pid_camelot##

# example commands for close to stock ver
ls * (list files dbx sees)
list DocConvert
stop at 1856
stop at 2015
list PSPDFPrint
stop at 1206
stop at 1328
display *gParams.ranges
print gParams
print *gToPSStm
print gDoc

# commands
list ProcName 	# do list before stop at
stop in ProcName
stop at LineNumber
cont (continue)
next (step over)
print * 
display *gParams.ranges
thread t@4 - line thread 4 is at

Below is with DHV_DEFINED prints page ok

print *gDoc
dbx: forward reference `_t_PDFDocument' not defined, see `help forwardref'

print psOutputProc
psOutputProc = &`camelot`pdfprint.c`psOutputProc(char *buffer, PPSInt32 length, void *privateHandle) at 0x415a8

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