Edward N. Chapman




Team-oriented software engineer and technical team leader with experience in all phases of a projects life-cycle. Innovative worker in research and development resulting in 8 patents/patents pending. Dependable, experienced developer in product design and implementation resulting in shipping of multiple high quality products. Dedicated professional able to adapt to new tools and technologies to become a vital team member.



         Highly skilled at analysis, design, development, and integration of RIP (raster image processor) printer software components.

         Experience in developing relationships with partners such as Adobe, Pipeline, and EFI to provide solutions in a co-development environment such as CPSI (Configurable PostScript Interpreter) and Camelot.

         Strong C skills, experience in C++, other languages, scripts, and web development.

         Skilled in analyzing PDF (Portable Document Format) using Acrobat and plug-ins such as the Enfocus Browser.

         Skilled in analyzing PostScript, PCL (Printer Control Language), and VDX (variable data).

         Experience in image processing, real time, embedded, and threads.


Eastman Kodak Company Rochester, NY

Senior Software Engineer


Software developer - Kodak NexPress 2100 printer digital front end 2005-present

      Responsible for Resource Check Processor, a major front end Windows based server component.

      Developed new features and fixed existing problems with object-oriented C++.

      Interacted with customers and field engineers for analyzing critical PDF problems.

      Significantly reduced complexity, customer complaints, internal problem reports, and dependence upon binary only libraries by changing the original design.


Software developer and team leader - Kodak Digimaster 9110/9125/9138/9150 printers 1997-2005

      Technical team leader and product developer.

      Responsible for all PDLs (page description languages) used in the RIP component.

      Interacted with third party PDL solutions such as Adobe in selection and support of PDL solutions.

      Created first prototype PDF, PostScript, PCL, and proprietary PDL components.

      Trained team members to continue development.

      Developed in a multi-threaded Solaris/C environment.

      Defined overall system architecture as a division wide architecture team member.

      Integrated Kodak and Heidelbergs development efforts as part of an international planning team.

      Extremely proud of the design of a common library which made implementing new PDL solutions simple and fast, and presented the identical interface to other RIP components.



Edward N. Chapman



Software developer - Kodak ImageSource 72 copier/printer 1995-1996

      Responsible for architecture, design, and implementation of PDLs, common libraries, and integration with other system components.

      Excelled in writing simulation tools to represent unfinished or new components which enabled earlier development and testing.


Software developer - Kodak ImageSource 92/92sp printer 1994, 1998

      Responsible for architecture, design, and implementation of RIP components.

      Developed in a UNIX/C environment.

      Received recognition as a part of a very small team that brought a product from concept to shipping approval in only 6 months.


Software developer - Kodak XLS 8650/8650ps thermal printer 1993-1994

      Responsible for architecture, design, and implementation of the internationalized UI (user interface), marking engine component, and porting the OS (operating system).

      Significantly reduced the UIs development time from 18 months to 2 months as compared to a similar module on another project with a new design.

      Developed on a custom hardware embedded real time MIPS/CEXEC-based platform.


Other Responsibilities

      Developed stand-alone image processing application used on multiple projects.

      Created common application to use and control many printer prototypes.

      Developed laser writer controller on a embedded 68030/PSOS+ based photo quality.

      Designed image processing hardware and software to control it.

      Implemented parallel processing software on a transputer-based platform.

      Managed annual department day-long outing with over 40 people for 10 years.



Bachelors of Science

Electrical Engineering

Rochester Institute of Technology

Rochester, NY

Graduated with honors


United States Navy

Honorable discharge